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Obtain legal guardianship of your family member

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Are you ready to provide for a child in need?

Get the legal representation your family needs

Get the legal counsel you need to navigate through the process of filing for minor child guardianship, adult guardianship or elderly guardianship. Put your trust in us as we work effectively on your behalf to handle this legal matter.

Taking in a child in need is a huge decision and a major life change. But, now that you are ready, we are happy to help you in the process to obtain guardianship of your loved one. You will always be treated as an individual—not just a case number—at Trummel Law LLC. You can rely on us to provide expert legal representation.

When you are being appointed as a legal guardian or need assistance with a loved one who needs a guardian assigned, turn to Luann Trummel to ease you through the process. It is great you have made the choice to seek guardianship over a loved one and we are ready to assist you through the process.

Obtaining guardianship

doesn't have to be difficult.

Trust in Luann Trummel's 20 years of experience to get you

through the process.


Contact us today to start the guardianship process

for your loved one.


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